What to take note for Singapore Class T-Shirt Printing

What to take note for Singapore Class T-Shirt Printing – One of the most common T-Shirt Printing requirements is in Singapore schools. Schools are one of the most important customer bases of Print Infinito because we do a lot of Class T-Shirt Printing for our customers. Whether they are from Primary Schools, Secondary Schools, Junior Colleges, Polytechnics or Universities. There is always this group of important customers from the various classes that will need to have an attire that they can call their own.

Class Monitors and leaders usually will work either at the start of the year right after the orientation of the class, and usually under the directions of the new teacher or near the end of the year to get the designs of the class done up either with a professional designer or finding someone within the class to get the design done up.

Once the designs are done up for the class, the class monitors will start to seek out potential Class T-Shirt Printing vendors like Print Infinito to help them out in printing and also advising on the time frame and also cost of the printing.

So when it comes to getting this done up well and proper, what are some of the things you should take note if this is your first time.

What to take note for Singapore Class T-Shirt Printing

1. Find out what is the budget range of your class

The thing that causes argument within the class is not knowing the actual budget for the class T-Shirt, some classmates may not have enough money for such items and this is always something that will cause unhappiness if it was not pre discussed how much they should be paying for the T-Shirts. This shirts can go from anywhere from $10 to $40 per piece depending on the printing methods and also the material of the clothes that you chose for the printing.

If the class is on a much lower budget, choose the method and material that is the cheapest so that you do not stretch everyone else’s budget. This way everyone is happy and with the objective of having this cohesion item done up well for everyone to enjoy.


2. Find out what material do they prefer for their T-Shirt to be

Material is something everyone should be very concerned about because if you are going to be wearing this on many occasions through out the year. For those who seek comfort, we will strongly recommend a dri-fit material that is interlaced and this will ensure that you feel really good the whole day in all kinds of weather. When you are wearing it on a hot day, it dries fast. the problem is that it will cost a bit more.

Cotton is the most common and cheapest material but it may not be that comfortable to wear long day under a hot sun because it will become sweaty and wet.

So choose a material for the purpose and also a material that everyone will enjoy but also watch the budget.


3. Vote for the design and the color so that you have a clear understanding of the final decision

Always find a design that will be a choice that everyone wants. And also whether the design will look well on the color choice of the t-shirt, some designs just look bad on bright colors. But usually the choice of black and white will be used for the base T-Shirt color if there are more elaborate designs.

Voting within the class will also mean that you dont have arguments in the class when it is done because everyone saw it.


Print Infinito has been in this Class T-Shirt Printing business for many years and we are very skilled in finding out what is best for you and your classmates. Talk to us to find out how to better get this project done for your friends and be glad to work with you in the long term for your CCAs as well as your school camps!


What to take note for Singapore Class T-Shirt Printing


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