T-Shirt Printing Services Singapore by Print Infinito

T-Shirt Printing Services Singapore by Print Infinito – There are many reasons to have a T-Shirt Printing work done for your business, your event, your cca, your camp or for your personal purposes. T-Shirt Printing is something that everyone enjoys doing because T-Shirts shows the personality of a person, the personality to show case to others what you stand for and what you are about. This is one of the best attires that you can get for the modern days.

At Print Infinito, we do printing for groups that want to have a nice identity and also uniforms for their groups. The color and design can help you to stand out and also be remembered. For some businesses, it also means that you have a good branding presence for the business that you are representing. The best thing about T-Shirt Printing Services is the fact that there is so much options you can engage in. When you have choices, you have the freedom to mix and match the color of the shirt itself, the front, the back, the seams.

For the creative and the bold, this is one of the best garments to share who you really are. Work on the design, send us the design and we can advise you the printing methods, the color of choice, the budget and also the printing time frame.

Let us start sharing what are some of the options that we can do for our customers and what are the types of things we do that will help you to stand out and be special.


  1. CCA T-Shirt

What to take note for Singapore Class T-Shirt Printing

CCA T-Shirts are one of the most commonly printed in Singapore. Most Core Curriculum Activities or CCA will want to have something for their team or their groups to wear when they are at a school event or an inter-school competition. This is not just to identify but also to build a strong cohesion across the team.

CCAs usually will chose colors that do stand out like red or yellow for competiition purposes. But the usual and more common black or white shirts are the ones that most people will choose for their everyday wear which will be more comfortable and also easier to pair with. We work closely with Primary Schools, Secondary Schools, Polytechnics, Junior Colleges and Universities to produce this high quality shirts for the CCAs that entrust us wit their printing needs.


2. Camp T-Shirt’

Often than not, the T-Shirts taht are received when you are in school will most likely be from one of the orientation camps that you go to. Orientation camps or school camps are one of the best places for you to make new friends and also to get to know more people.

Camps T-Shirts are usually bright and comfortable for those who are participating.


3. Event T-Shirt

Running an event and want to have the participants stand out and look special. Or you might want to have the event organizers looking slightly different and also looking in a more colorful attire so that you can identify who is doing what.

Event T-Shirt Printing is one of the common and biggest projects that we hire for local events.


4. Corporate T-Shirt

Are you working for a corporate company and will require your team to dress up in a certain outfit and look. Corporate T-Shirts are the best when it comes to looking good at work. Looking good at work means you are dressed in your corporate colors and you will also have to be presenting yourself for the brand.

Corporate T-Shirts are the best when it comes to branding and you should watch for your branding needs.

5. Polo Shirt

T-Shirt Printing Services Singapore by Print Infinito

Polo Shirts are great uniforms and also great for events as well. Polo Shirts can also be for executives that are attending an important meeting.

Polo Shirts are comfortable and also semi-formal which is great!


6. Jacket Printing

Are you planning to get some jackets done for your executive team or for your front line stuff that usually have to operate in either cold conditions or in an air-conditioned situation? We will love to share with you the printing of Jackets for your team to not just look good with your logos on it but also at the same time to have it being of a nice and comfortable material for long term wear to keep the team or your senior executives well and comfy.

The choice of material can be very simple and easy and the color choice can be your corporate colors. This will help to reinforce branding when you assign this to your front line staff members.

We are glad to have printed this recently for Shell and we wish to work closely with you as well for your jacket printing needs.

7. Windbreaker Printing

T-Shirt Printing Services Singapore by Print Infinito

Windbreakers are great for outdoor usage. Usually for those who have a team that needs to do outdoor exercises or when you have to be based outdoors where heavy winds and slight rain can actually cause discomfort.

Windbreakers are also popular choices for executive level members of your staff that will feel the comfort and protection of a well design and well sourced out windbreaker.


8. Cap Printing

The cap is a great sports attire. Caps are great for you to shield of the glare of the sun and when you need to be outdoors for long periods of time, this is also great to protect from the harmful rays of the sun. For those that will need to head out under the sun for extended period of times for their work, printing caps for them might also be a great item for the staff members moving around out there.

Cap Printing is also something that can be used for team building. Wearing a cap is a nice accessory for many who loves to have it as a statement for their own dressing up purposes.


9. Muslimah Printing

T-Shirt Printing Services Singapore by Print Infinito

Muslimah are Shirts that are muslim lady friendly and we at Print Infinito have been doing Muslimah Printing for many of our customers who need to have their muslimah attires done up. We work closely with you to get the design and color done up before we proceed to print and deliver to you.


Work with Print Infinito today for your T-Shirt projects. We are looking forward to be at the forefront with you when it comes to your CCA, camp, event, corporate or uniform needs.

We also work closely with our sister company for corporate gift printing and also lanyard printing, you could speak to us for any of such needs. Thank you for your interest in our article “T-Shirt Printing Services Singapore by Print Infinito”

T-Shirt Printing Services Singapore by Print Infinito


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