Get your CCA T-Shirt Printing done with Print Infinito

Get your CCA T-Shirt Printing done with Print Infinito – CCAs mostly will start of the year with a nice T-Shirt Printing project done for their schools. Why is this so? The fact that you can have a nice CCA T-Shirt Printing done for your CCA and team means that you guys care a lot about the teamwork of your team and also the unity of looking good together and also looking like a strong team.

Singapore has many schools and many CCAs and most sports CCAs will go for competitions through out the year. When you are at a competition, the easiest way to identify your team mates and friends is when you are in that particular color and this color will also be the one that will help you to get yourself riled up for the games.

CCA T-Shirt Printing usually goes for a few things, comfort and also the color and design work. The comfort of the material is very important especially if you are in a sports CCA and this means that it needs to be nice to wear it for the long term. We will usualy suggest to sports teams that they should go for the dri fit materials so that the shirt can breathe well and the perspiration for most people will dry up fast. When you don’t feel so sticky, you feel better and this means playing on the sports arena for a longer time with better attention to your sports than on your wet T-Shirts.

Get your CCA T-Shirt Printing done with Print InfinitoThe color also matters depending on what CCA you are in. When you are in a sports attire, white is not preferred. White shirts usually will dirty much easier and if you have to fall or get sweaty, it might cause stains than those that are of a darker color. We will usually recommend vibrant colors to show that your CCA is a vibrant one and also one that shows its energy and strength through the color choice of the CCA Attire Printing.

When you have different color you also need to be concern on the design and the logo that you want to print on. Some colors do not work with very complicated designs that you might want to print for your team and this is one concern you might want to find out.

As for indoor CCAs, you might prefer a nice and comfy cotton shirt which will keep you comfortable in door. You do not really need dri-fit attires in this case because indoor non-sports CCAs will less likely be perspiring and thus will not need dri-fit materials for your printing needs.

When you buy in bulk for your whole batch or for even your whole team, you might want to consult us for a good price which comes with bulk purchasing of anything, we look forward to working with you in delivering the CCA T-Shirt Printing work of your dreams.

Print Infinito has been working with CCAs for close to 10 years and we work closely to ensure things are done on time, on budget and with very good finishes and quality.

We want to work with you and we look forward to working with you on this.


Get your CCA T-Shirt Printing done with Print Infinito


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