Brands that work with Print Infinito for T-Shirt Printing

Brands that work with Print Infinito for T-Shirt Printing – Print Infinito has been in the trade for a decade and we are working very closely with many businesses to ensure that the corporate T-Shirt Printing and Corporate Polo Shirt printing we do for them are of the highest and best quality and together with good timing and customer service we have manage to gain a good customer base from many of the big Multi National Companies (MNC) in Singapore and with this MNC we have also made friends and build customer relationships with many SMEs.

So let us share some of the relationship we have with some of our esteem customers and what are some of the jobs that we have done for this customers and looking forward to working with more new customers that will be joining us in this T-Shirt Printing Services that we provide for many businesses.

What to take note for Singapore Class T-Shirt Printing

National University of Singapore is one of the major university in Singapore and we work closely with the faculty and students to produce T-Shirts for their camps and also their schools. This is one of the few jobs that we have done for the past few years and this time is for NUS Law School.

We are glad to have been chosen as the primary printing partner for the NUS Law School and we are looking forward to printing more interesting designs for other schools and other CCAs within the NUS community.



Grab is one of the leading private hire businesses in Singapore and when we got this interesting job to do printing for Grab Durian we knew it will be a fun job. Grab had a high standard for their uniform and this uniform was printed with very high quality materials with intricate designs.

Coordination was tough and we work very closely to ensure the high quality of the design and output for our customers.


T shirt Printing Singapore


YouTube is one of the printing customers that we work closely with and this simple T-Shirt Printing design is one of the popular items that we have worked with.

Print Infinito is the leading T-Shirt Printing Services company in Singapore. We work closely with businesses to deliver high quality Singapore T-Shirt Printing.


Brands that work with Print Infinito for T-Shirt Printing


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