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Need quality Singapore T shirt Printing done for your Company / Event / CCA or a Fun T-shirt for your Class?

Getting yourself a T-Shirt Printing job done for your CCA / Class /  Event or business? There are many ways that you can come up with something that is not just cool and beautiful but also one that is good budget for your organization.

Printing an organization T-Shirt can be a very easy and stress free thing to do, find out what are the design requirements, let us know what it is for so we can suggest to you the material to go after and also printing method. Let us know the quantity and we can start making the T-Shirt Printing arrangements for you.

We work closely with the following groups to deliver their printing needs:

  1. Class T-Shirt Printing for students (Especially for graduating classes)
  2. CCA T-Shirt Printing for school CCA groups
  3. Sports attire Dri-fit printing for sports teams or events
  4. Camp / Event attire printing for orientation camps / parties
  5. Windbreaker for corporate and executives
  6. Jacket Printing for employees
  7. Singlet Printing for Camps
  8. Corporate Shirts and Attires for Staff members
  9. Polo Shirts for uniform of corporate

We will also share a simple guide on how to get a quote for your T-Shirt Printing Singapore needs:

  1. Decide on the design, get your team together to design something, draw it out or get someone to design it for you
  2. Decide on the color of the shirt you want to print on (affects the comfort and also whether you will stand out
  3. Decide on the material that you want to use (comfort again and also the cost
  4. Decide on the quantity (cost per piece is lower with higher printing quantity
  5. Decide on the delivery date (the longer time you are able to give us the printing the company, we may be able to give you a more competitive price

Once you have all this, contact our printing professionals so that we can work with you on getting this done up for you! The whole process is easy and stress free, just drop our friendly T-Shirt Printing professionals a quick call and we will help you out.

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Do you have any questions on the type of cloth or printing methods to use? Send your enquiry about CCA, event, corporate, class T-Shirt Printing orders