Dye Sublimation

Being one of the most advanced T-shirt printing methods, this is ideal for elaborate, full-colour images, however, it can only be printed on white colour dri-fit T-shirts. This type of print has an amazingly soft feel and is highly recommended for sportswear, owing to its superior breathability quotient. Choose it for printing bigger, colourful images, at a low cost for smaller quantities. This leads to no feel of the printing, as ink is embedded into the fabric, but comes with lower colour accuracy in comparison to digital transfer.

This T-Shirt printing method uses a dyeing mechanism instead of printing, and is getting increasingly popular in the market, thanks to its durable and comfortable prints. Designs are printed onto a carrier using sublimation inks, which are evaporated onto the T-Shirt using a heat press machine. The size of the print determines the price of dye sublimation, and this process can only be carried out on white-coloured dri fit T-shirts or sublimation-coated products. Suitable for designs which contain gradients and images containing a number of printing colours, this printing method is a modern style which comes in handy in today’s times.