What you should note when you design a T-Shirt for your organization

What you should note when you design a T-Shirt for your organization – Designing something is never easy, there are many moving parts and at the same time there are many people that you probably have to vet through to get to the design that everyone is able to accept and like about. Designing a T-Shirt is even harder because of the different things that can be changed and adjusted for the requirements of a various number of people in the organization that you are trying to design for. The main ones are things like color, design patterns, the use of which material, the purpose of this attire and also what is the budget that your organization is willing to fork out for the T-Shirt that you have come up with. So we will be sharing some of our views on what you should note when you are trying to come up with a design for your organization T-Shirt and how you can work closely to give your organization the most value.


What you should note when you design a T-Shirt for your organization

So what are some of the things that we think you should watch out for when you are trying to get your T-Shirt Design done up properly?

1. Choice of Color for the T-Shirt Design work

The Color of the T-Shirt can mean quite a bit to others. Colors are a great way to show case your personality and also your teams goals and also visions. A dark color shows how compose your team is when it comes to handling stress. A Bright color like red will be great to show case how energetic your company or organization is and it could also show case how much power you guys have to show to your competitors.

T-Shirt Designs could also come up with quite a diverse use of Color for your T-Shirt Printing, so that really depends on what you guys want to come up with. With special colors means more cost and also if you are looking at quite a wide range of colors, do take note that cost can become a problem because printing cost can become a bigger problem.

Your color choice should also be suitable for the comfort of your wearers. If its an outdoor event, it will be better off a lighter color as dark colors absorb more heat. Heat can cause your wearers to be uncomfortable and not like what they are getting as their T-Shirt for their organization.

What you should note when you design a T-Shirt for your organization

2. Choice of material for the T-Shirt Design to stand out

Material is a very important part for the process of getting something for your team and organization. When it comes to comfort, everyone will want something that is nice to wear for the long term and it all kinds of conditions, when it is warm or when it is indoors. If you are able to get something that everyone enjoys then you have a winner in terms of trying to get a buy in from your team to wear this attire more for either branding purpose or for showing team effort.

When it comes to choosing materials, it is also important to note that some forms of printing are not allowed on certain materials as they are too difficult to print on so you might want to reconsider base on what design you want to work on.

Materials can also help your clothing to stand out in the crowd. With a nice shiny material will mean that you can shine in the bright lights.

Comfort also counts into what you should feel when using them, hot weather will mean you should try using dri fit for a quick evaporation process for the comfort of everyone.


What you should note when you design a T-Shirt for your organization

3. Choice of design to be printed

Design can sometimes be something that makes a big difference for your product. How you design the colors and how you design it to be 3D or of a certain material will help you to stand out and be different. Some shirts have diamonds or sparkly items on them and they are hard to sew and make and take care of. Some have 3D portions that makes it look amazing, some use striking colors to grab your attention.

When you are designing something do take note that you might have a budget limitation or you might a printing method or material limitation. You won’t want to be in the situation where you get upset because you couldn’t achieve the dream design because it was not done properly and you were not aware of said restrictions that might have already been there for quite awhile.


4. Choice of Printing methods

There are quite a few methods of printing that can be used when you want to get your shirt printing to some way that you might like it. Silkscreen is one common method where you print over the shirt with the designs that you have prepared with a digital image. This method is able to retain its design well and you are able to wash it in a great manner as well, as long as you do not do too intensive scratching on the printing, you are pretty sure to see this method of printing lasting a long time for your attire.

Embroidery is also the other popular method that you can think of using and you will be able to get good quality work from this method of printing as well. You can use embriodery of your names or organization on the sleeve or on the front or back of your shirt to help you stand out. Especially so if you’re using a color that is outstanding on the shirt that you are printing on.


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What you should note when you design a T-Shirt for your organization