What is SilkScreen Printing

What is Silkscreen Printing

This will be a series of blogs about the different types of printing methods and which are the most recommended for every purpose of printing your shirts or T-Shirts.

So we all understand that there are multiple types of printing methods such as:

So out of the 4 methods as mentioned above, what are the benefits of using silkscreen printing methods and what makes it different from the rest and what exactly is Silkscreen Printing.

So Silkscreen printing, commonly known as plot printing, is one of the key and unique methods for t shirt printing industry and many clients take advantage of such a method to carry out printing for their T-Shirts or Shirts.

So you basically use an initial template that you could prepare and be replicated on a higher number of T-Shirt designs. It is meant for higher quality t shirt printing works that can last for a long period of time and not be worried of fading. The cost is higher than the rest though because of the mold/template that you need to create before hand to do the replicating process and this might be something that customers should take note of.

Print Infinito is highly profession in T-Shirt Printing methods and also providing advice for our clients as to which methods might be a better method for the budget as well as time frame you have for producing the work that you will want for your business, work or CCA or class.

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