Tips and Tricks on T-Shirt Design & Printing

Tips and Tricks on T-Shirt Design & Printing

Tips and Tricks on T-Shirt Design & Printing – There is a lot of knowledge that is thrown into how you can get a good design, not just having a nice concept done up. There are quite some approaches where you can take to make sure you get a good well designed piece.


Keep the details to the minimum


Coming up with a great design is easy until you have to place it onto a t-shirt as a canvas. Simple might be easier for it to stand out. Sketch and design something that stands out without being too far into pushing how 3D it looks or using colors that are quite impossible to create from fabric color.

But of course when you wish to print a t-shirt, spend more time to let us know all the details that you have so that we can get to as close the color that you wish to achieve as possible so that we can get you what you want for your specifically design T-Shirt for your needs.

Tips and Tricks on T-Shirt Design & Printing

Hire a good graphic Designer


Design is not what everyone can do, if you are intending to let the printing company come up with a design for you. It would be basic at best. Do up something through a professioanl artist so that you can get the best imagined design out onto the computer before it is send to the printing company.

Having a good designer also means you can catch the correct use of colors for the printer to better print out the desired design.


Hire a superb printer for the printing work

When it comes down to the printing, the printing company matters A LOT. If you are able to find a good printing company like Print Infinito, fret not. The work will turn out well and in accordance to what you want. If you are working with other brands, we wont be sure about that.

You can have the best designed pieces but with a bad printer, you wont get far with it. Always remember, quality work comes from a quality company. Thats us at Print Infinito!


Know the trends that are in place now!


Certain looks and feels and materials might be the in thing for that certain year or month but not always. Always stay up to date by visiting the blogs and website that have special features about T-Shirts and also to follow designers who have a strong lean towards designing for t-shirts so that you can update your ideas.

Finding ideas from Instagram or Facebook would be helpful for your search for inspiration!

Know your customer – and if you think you do know it all, dig even deeper.

Find out what your customers will really want. They like a certain color, they like a certain look and feel. Branding does not come through words, the design and the outlook your portray will change how a customer judges your brand and this is something that you can control through the use of colors and also design.

Tips and Tricks on T-Shirt Design & Printing