What are some of the shirts you can print with

When it comes to making a shirt for the company, class or event or even your interest group that you have recently joined, you will be place in a situation where you might not know what you want for the group.

If you are the chairman or the group president, what is the thing that will help you make decisions.

Options are what helps you make a good decision on the choices you have in mind and we are keen on sharing with you some of the different types of clothing that can be printed by our Singapore based shirt printing company. There are about 5-6 options so do let us share with you and you could make a good choice of the needs that you have.

1. Tee Shirts or affectionately known as T-Shirts

This is the shirts that looks like a T from the front and have been one of the most common tops that the world has seen. Casual in outlook, it is best for everyday wear and even at home. Most people will own one in their lifetime with designs ranging from the basic plain ones to the highly complicated flashy designs that helps every person shout out their personality and how unique they are in this chaotic world.

T-Shirts are most commonly done with cotton but there are also those that wear it for sports usages and will most likely come in dri fit. Printing is done with design of logo or features on the shirt so that you can brand your company or event and even the names of the person that is wearing it.

2. Polo Shirts

Polo shirts are made popular by Polo game players and of course Ralph Lauren. The polo is a semi formal top with a color and short sleeves. You will see the gentlemen in a nice polo top for a game of golf or at an event of the weekends. It helps you maintain a certain level of formality without looking too formal or too relaxed.

Polo shirts come in dri fit and also cotton and can be designed with different colors in mind. Most of them are done with logos imprinted on the chest area or at the back of the top.

3. Singlets

Singlets are best for sports or casual events because they have open shoulders that will help the young show off their beautiful bodies and at the same time feel relaxed and cool at say a beach event. Most of such products come in cotton or drifit form with call kinds of designs that can be done up by the client for their events or corporate event.

Singlets are great also because they are light and very easy to wash and keep. Most sports people use singlets when they exercise to minimize the build up in heat that will affect performance.



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