How to care for your T shirts

How to care for your T shirts

How to care for your T shirts – Sunny Singapore, the weather is horrible warm every day and all day, even when it is the coldest periods in the December period its still a warm weather with average weather of 25 and above.

T-Shirts are a convenient way of dressing for most people in Singapore and there are many designs that come up of T-Shirts in Singapore. Today, our team at Printinfinito T-Shirt Printing will be sharing some tips on how you can dress in style and at the same time keep those precious T-Shirts of your in tip top condition so that you can enjoy it for many years.


T Shirt Caring Tips (1): Separate the Whites from the Colored 

There’s an age old rule where you do not mix the colored T-Shirts and the white ones on the first wash. Colored T-Shirts lose some of their dyes on the first wash and if you have the white ones in there, say good bye to your white shirts. This is common knowledge but not always widely practiced and at the end of the day, you get shirts looking slightly yellow or reddish which is disappointing and ugly.

It might take more time and more water to wash two sets of clothing but its definitely worth it to keen your cool T-Shirt which might be expensive, from spoiling pre-maturely due to color mixing!

How to care for your T shirts


T Shirt Caring Tips (2): Naturally dry it don’t blow dry

Excessive heat destroys shirts. Its the truth. You should always as much as possible try to naturally dry them so that they can last longer. The material will get damaged when you try to speed dry a clothing. If you really must do the drying with a machine, go low on the settings and take more time on it.

Best way of course, the Singaporean way, sun the clothing to give it the fresh clean smell of sunlight and also killing bacteria at the same time!


How to care for your T shirts


T Shirt Caring Tips (3): Store your T-Shirts Properly

T-Shirts have two top enemies, Insects and dampness. Try to store your precious T-Shirt in locations that are away from the elements and best in a bag or a nice sleeve that will keep it away from insects that could come by and start biting on your T-Shirt. Having moth balls also keeps away insects and sucks up dampness. With reduced dampness, you run a lower risk of your clothing turning yellow due to the damp conditions of the Singaporean weather.

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T Shirt Caring Tips (4): Folding your clothes at the Seams 

Folding at the seams will make sure you dont have lines that are ugly and need ironing again. Like our first point, less excessive heat is always good for the clothing because you wont need to heat it up and cool it down again. Folding it properly makes it easier to store and prevent damages and also keeps it at tip top conditions before you need to wear it.


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Thank you for reading our blog post on how to care for your T-Shirt. If you need a T-Shirt Printing Service, Printinfinito is the place to go!




How to care for your T shirts