How to get your T-Shirt Printing Done right

Are you from a company , a cca or a Class representative looking to get your t-shirts printed? There are many uses for a t shirt for the classroom , the groups that you are in, the company that you are working for or even the event that you are organizing. For someone who is not familiar with what they have to do for their t-shirt printing needs, this might be quite daunting because there are quite a few things that you need to take note of and also to make sure you do know some of them, we will brief you as we go by so that you can give us the best of your ability what you want to achieve so that we can give you the best product that will best suit your needs and budgets.

So lets start with how you can get your t-shirt printing done right so that you can get the best product that you would expect.

1. The purpose of making this attire

This is one of the most important things that we will always want to find out from our clients. What is the true use of this attire. We will not recommend a warm material if it is meant for outdoor use. Neither will we want drifit for something that is more professional, you get the drift. The clients needs to know what they purpose is for so that we can help you decide the quality of the product you will need and also at the same time the type of material and even with our experience even the color will be useful advise. Most people are only doing it for the first time and are not familiar with how things work and this is definitely one thing that you should open your eyes to so that you know what is happening.

2. The choice of color

There can be many use of an attire but if you are going for say a night cycling event, we will highly not recommend a black top. It will be a safety hazard if you are traveling on the roads at night. We will recommend bright colors for such purposes. If you are going for a more corporate event feel, and chose a color that might turn neon in the middle of the night, we will recommend something darker. Things like this are easy to miss out if you are someone who is too focused on your event and forgot the main purpose and draw of making a team or event t-shirt.

How we mix the colors for the fonts and also the design is also one thing that you can think of and pay close attention to because the mix can determine if the shirt turns out to be a nice shirt for everyday use even after the event or it will just be one of those that people will throw into the wardrobe and ignore it forever.

3. The cutting and design of the t-shirt

There are quite a few styles of cutting when it comes to t-shirt and polo shirts. Even when you want to print a singlet it can look very different. If you do have a sample that you want to emulate and can show us how it looks like. Even better if you can bring the sample down to use, we will be able to tell you if it can be done and at what cost. This is something that clients are always not aware of and they will end up telling us that it is not what they actually wanted. Make it easy for us so that we can work on this.

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