5 T-Shirt Design Tips

5 T-Shirt Design Tips


T-Shirt Design Tips – Are you a creative mind with lots of ideas that you want to share with the world and you have the skill sets to actually make a difference in this world with your artistic talents. You just need to have the knowledge of how to draw and use illustrator you can come up with a T-Shirt Design of your preference and make a pretty interesting and awesome T-Shirt Design for yourself.

I am a young fan of T-Shirt, T-Shirts show off who i am, why i am doing something and it helps me to feel part of a group or a team. T-Shirts are casual and fun to wear for parties and events. It helps you to stay young and feel young and happy!

We will share the top 5 T-Shirt Design Tips for the best way of showing your creative juices:

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T-Shirt Design Tips 1: Focus on the details and make the design simple to understand

Design work is for people to appreciate and undesrstand. If you have something that is too complicated and no one really gets its , there’s no joy but you should always watch the detail of the design. Like a piece of art, the price of the item comes from the details and the attention to details that you put into making it a piece of art.

Classic designs are a good way to go about, with the whole push towards classic attires in recent years. It helps you to send a message of your own art form and also to brand you as someone cool.

Clear cut designs also help you to show who you are, having certain main keywords shows your individuality.


T-Shirt Printing PrintinfinitoT-Shirt Design Tips 2: Spend time to think through, learn from the world and conceptualize a good design

The best designs comes from ideas that form in the natural world. The best artist observe the world and pen their designs in accordance to how the world functions, the shapes and sizes of the natural world. Take time to view the world and the people around it. Think through your design and prepare the draft of the design. Rework it with views from fellow artistic friends.

Design can be redone a few times to perfection and you should take the time to also learn from old time artist that have interesting points of views in their artistic journeys.

T-Shirt Design might seem simple but it can also be a piece of art that is on the level of a painter or artistic talent.


T-Shirt Printing PrintinfinitoT-Shirt Design Tips 3: Watch out for the colors

Try to find colors that are complementary and also when you use Adobe Illustrator try to use Global Colors. Also consider the pantone colors when you are preparing to send it to the printers.

The printers might have issues with the colors that you want if you do not give them something that is possible for them to print on. Remember how the printing happens will decide how your final product will turn out to look like.




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T-Shirt Design Tips 4: Be daring and ahead of your competitors in terms of design but also consider what you target group wants

Have your competitors tried 3D designs, have they tried certain colors? If they have not, try them out so that you can show your difference and being daring to try gives you a following that others who don’t. Dare to be different and ahead of the curve helps you to grow your customer base and also sales in future.

Also find out who are your target groups, are they the punks, are they the cool kids. Young? Old? Men? Woman? This are some of the things you need to look closely into to make sure you design for the correct person. Marketing and Branding is what separates you from the rest. If you want to stand out, you must know your target market and groups.



T-Shirt Printing PrintinfinitoT-Shirt Design Tips 5: FIND A GOOD PRINTER

This is probably the most important tip that we will like to share with you. The difference in the quality of the work that you can come up with lies in the printing company that you choose to do the printing of your sincerely designed T-Shirt design. You can come up with the best piece of art but it can print into a mesh of colors and shapes if you dont find the best printers in town to assist you. Printinfinito T-Shirt Printing is one of the leading t-shirt printing companies in Singapore and they have the strong credentials to produce the high quality T-Shirts that any company will require to come up with and do good for their sales of their unique products.

Also find out from the printer, the color you should use, the weight of the cloth, the type of cloth, the type of printing that will best enhance and show case your design to the world.





If you are keen to find out more about T-Shirt Design work and also doing some T-Shirt printing work for your CCAs, Class, Office or Event. You can always talk to our customer services representatives who will be keen to work with you closely to deliver the best experience in your T-Shirt printing by advising you the best materials to use and also what is the most cost effective method to come up with a certain attire.